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Located in Houston, Texas, the Law Offices of Larry R. Jones represents lenders when home and commercial property owners default on mortgage payments. Larry R. Jones has more than 30 years of experience as an attorney practicing in business and real estate matters. He has the knowledge and skills to offer the quality representation clients need. Call the office at (713) 256-0111 to schedule an appointment.

When a home owner or building owner defaults on mortgage payments, lenders lose money needed to make other transactions. The Law Offices of Larry R. Jones helps lenders collect payments by conducting the foreclosure and providing foreclosure assistance. Some of the ways the firm assists clients are:

  • Reviewing loan documents : If you work at a bank, a mortgage company or a private lending agency, Larry R. Jones can help you with the foreclosure process. He reviews loan documents for special requirements and ensures your rights are protected.
  • Sending out required notices : Prior to foreclosing on a house or building, a lender must send out a foreclosure notice to the borrower. The Law Offices of Larry R. Jones can ensure a proper notice is sent out on time to the borrower's last known address.
  • Preparing and posting the required foreclosure notice : Larry R. Jones can prepare the foreclosure notice, ensuring it follows legal requirements. The firm also assists clients by posting the foreclosure notice at the court house at least 21 days prior to the foreclosure, as required by Texas law.
  • Substitute Trustee : I will prepare documentation allowing me to be appointed as the substitute trustee. This appointment will allow me to conduct the Trustee's Sale within the requirements of the law and the terms of the loan documents.

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