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For more than 30 years, Larry R. Jones has been providing quality legal representation to businesses of all types and sizes in the purchase and sale of commercial real estate. Located in Houston, Texas, the Law Office of Larry R. Jones provides representation to any person or business with a commercial real estate matter, including apartment (multi-family) purchase, financing and refinancing, and issues concerning landlords and tenants, builders, title companies, retail tenants, retail landlords, home contractors, and commercial real estate developers. Call (713) 256-0111 to schedule a consultation on any commercial real estate matter, including:

  • Financing and Loan Documents - Larry R. Jones can personally review your financing agreements and negotiate the terms of your loan agreement to protect the rights and financial security of your business. Mr. Jones also advised and assists clients in negotiating the terms of financing and loan documents.

  • Mechanic's Liens - When contractors and subcontractors do not receive full payment for their services, they may file, with certain limitations and restrictions, a mechanic's lien on the property owner's property. If properly and timely perfected, such liens can be used to secure the payment of the property. The Law Offices of Larry R. Jones represents both contractors and owners of commercial real estate who are seeking to file, dispute, or remove a mechanic's lien.

  • Commercial Real Estate Contracts - Retaining an experienced lawyer is often critical to the successful purchase and sale of commercial real estate. A buyer or seller may focus solely on basic issues of price and financing. An experienced attorney can consider complex details that may not have been contemplated by the buyer or seller. Contract negotiations are an important element of any purchase or sale of commercial property. Do not attempt to negotiate by yourself. Contract review is also critical to successful commercial real estate transactions. Even the most experienced business owner can feel overwhelmed by the complexity of commercial real estate contracts. Prevent or limit future problems and reduce potential liability for your business and yourself by retaining an attorney.

  • All Other Commercial Real Estate Matters - Contact our office for assistance with any commercial real estate or commercial leasing matter. Some of the other commercial real estate matters handled by this firm include title investigations, landlord and tenant compliance matters, retail lease negotiations, lien investigations, lien disputes, and filing of liens.

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