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Commercial Lease Preparation

Houston Commercial Lease Preparation and Negotiation Attorney

The Law Offices of Larry R. Jones, in Houston, Texas, assists landlords and tenants with commercial lease preparation for offices, retail and other rental buildings. The founder of the firm, Larry R. Jones has more than 30 years of experience drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial leasing contracts. To schedule an appointment, call (713) 256-0111.

Businesses looking to rent an office building or a vendor spot in a mall need to be aware of their lease terms. Failing to understand the terms or unknowingly agreeing to ill-defined terms can cause disputes with the landlord in the future. If you or your business is looking to rent commercial property , it is vital that you contact a lawyer to ensure your rights are protected.

The Law Offices of Larry R. Jones is experienced with commercial lease preparation. Some of the more common services the firm offers include:

  • Reviewing commercial leases : Larry R. Jones helps protect the rights of tenants by reviewing lease terms for undefined terms that could cause disagreements with the landlord or building owner.
  • Drafting leases : If you are a building owner and need legal advice when drafting a lease for a commercial property, the Law Offices of Larry R. Jones can help. Attorney Jones will give insight as to what information you need to protect your rights as the landlord.
  • Negotiating commercial lease terms : Individuals looking to lease commercial property and property owners can benefit from the advice and counsel of an experienced lawyer. Larry R. Jones has many years of experience in commercial lease preparation. He can review the lease contract for unsatisfactory terms and negotiate with tenants or landlords for terms more suitable with his clients' interests.

If you are seeking a lawyer to assist you or your business with commercial lease preparation, call the Law Offices of Larry R. Jones at (713) 256-0111 or fill out the form on the contact us page.

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