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The Law Offices of Larry R. Jones is happy to assist any business owner, or aspiring business owner, in the formation, operation, and financial success of their business. Located in Houston, Texas, the Law Offices of Larry R. Jones is dedicated to providing all business clients, large and small, with the highest standard of client care and legal representation. Call (713) 256-0111 to schedule an appointment.

The firm has significant experience in the following business matters:

  • Business Formation - An experienced business attorney can provide significant asset protection to prospective business owners by helping them choose and form a limited partnership, limited liability company (LLC), corporation, including subchapter S corporation, or other business entity.

  • Purchase and Sale of Businesses - The purchase and sale of a business is more complex than many business owners may think. Often there are basic misunderstandings in the purchase and sale of a business that have critical costs to both buyer and seller. Careful advice from an experienced attorney and negotiation of the contract and drafting for the purchase and sale of business can have profound effects on the success or failure of the transaction. Are you buying the corporation or an entity that owns the business? Are you buying all or only some of the assets of the business? Who is responsible for which liabilities of the business? Are the assets free and clear of any liens? Another common pitfall is a failure to properly define exactly what is being sold. While the purchaser may believe they are purchasing everything from the business equipment to the business trademarks and trade secrets, the seller may think the sale is strictly for the business name and business equipment. An experienced business attorney will draft and review contracts to avoid confusion to either party.

  • Financing Agreements - An experienced business lawyer can review your financing agreement, negotiate on your behalf to obtain improved financing terms, and help your business obtain, complete, and understand necessary financial documents to obtain the financing your business needs.

  • Business Contracts and Employee Contracts - The Law Offices of Larry R. Jones can draft, review, and negotiate any of your business contracts and employee contracts. Some of the most common legal needs of small businesses and large businesses include retail lease contracts, financing agreements, purchase and sale of real estate and other commercial real estate agreements, employee contracts, non-competition agreements, contracts for sale of goods, and customer service agreements.

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