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Located in Houston, Texas, the Law Offices of Larry R. Jones is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses with their banking-finance legal needs. With more than 30 years of general practice experience, and more than 20 years practice working in the area of banking-finance, Larry R. Jones has the knowledge and insight to provide his clients with the banking-finance answers they need.Call (713) 256-0111 to schedule an appointment.

Some of the most common types of banking-finance cases handled by this office include:

  • Construction Loans for Builders and Developers - Larry R. Jones helps builders, general contractors, and developers of commercial and residential property throughout the loan process. He can review your loan agreements to insure protection of your financial rights. He will negotiate on your behalf with the goal of minimizing financial risks and maximizing opportunities for financial growth.

  • Loan Renewals and Extensions - If you are an individual, builder, retail developer, commercial real estate developer, or other business seeking a loan renewal or extension, the Law Offices of Larry R. Jones is here to help.

  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Loans - Individuals buying a home, town-home, or other residential real estate can benefit from the advice of an experienced banking-finance attorney. Businesses purchasing commercial real estate may also benefit greatly from the advice of an experienced attorney. Larry R. Jones provides strong legal representation throughout the loan process. He can review your loan agreement for any adverse conditions and negotiate improved terms on your behalf. He can perform a property due diligence document investigation to determine if there are any title defects, or other matters, that might hinder in transferring full title to the property. The firm also assists clients in ordering and reviewing environmental reports to determine if there is any adverse environmental condition affecting the property.

  • Banking and Finance Documents - Let Larry R. Jones draft your deeds of trust, draft notes, loan agreements, closing documents, loan renewals, loan extensions, and other commercial lending documents.

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